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An App with a Mission

We Only Have One Home

At Hook, we aimed at improving our environment as we only have one. Our Mission as Hook is to create a platform where the users can interact with the real-world problem of garbage in our oceans. Approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic are in our great oceans. As a group, we can grab our hook and attach the bait, help us throw a line to the sea animals in need, and together we can modernize the way we clean and protect our beloved oceans.  
King of the Seas *photo*
We Believe that the seas should be a place for everyone to enjoy and relax. So we want to help out to make the ocean cleaner for the whole planet. *With every Subscription bought, Hook will be donating 10% of the Proceeds to creating the "King of the Seas" prototype that will go around cleansing oceans far and wide from our garbage.
*Transactions from the app will go directly to the Ocean Cleanup Project foundation to create and modify the current interceptors they have.

Mission: Mission
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